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Waste in the City Seminar, Tuesday 24th August 2010

Waste in the City looks at the issue of waste manage ment and specifically the waste that is generated from within the local community. Sydney based, some of the resources found here are specific to this city but most are global. This is after all an issue that knows no boundaries. Included will be web links and reports on the subject alongside regular updates on events and news. This wiki site has been launched as part of the interdisciplinary teaching module Waste in the City at UTS. The module is being run by Prof Marie O'Mahony and Alison Gwilt from August to November 2010. We will disseminate work from the module - talks, seminars and work from the students. The site will be regularly updated during the course and beyond. We would be delighted to hear of your suggestions, comments and links so please do contact us with those.

Marie O'Mahony + Alison Gwilt

For further information, suggestions and links please contact: marie.omahony@uts.edu.au