12th October 2010

Upcycling through Craft
Researcher Clara Vuletich from Chelsea College of Art + Design in London presented a wonderful workshop on upcycling through craft. Clara is part of the Textile Environment Design (TED) group that focus on environmental, ethical and sustainable issues in fashion and textiles. The workshop gave students the opportunity to bring along their own old clothes and fabric scraps and reuse them using patchwork

Personal Narratives:

T-shirts that had been much loved but become shapeless, fabrics from fashion collections hoarded but never used and plastic waste from the streets of Sydney all made their way into the narrative. Students exchanged individual stories but mostly chatted and stitched. As Clara righly pointed out, patchwork has a strong community basis and brings people together for political, social and cultural reasons.

Squares and triangles dominated as students made small samplers. Many were then further personalised by adding stitching usually in a contrasting yarn adding texture to the finished work. The idea is that these quilted samples can be used individually by the people who have made them as a digital craft quilt. This is done by photographing or scanning the samples to be further worked on digitally, then digitally printed as a large or repeat pattern.

Waste in the City Quilt:


The combined effort of the group was arranged and rearranged by Clara before being photographed as a
Waste in the City Quilt.

Clara Vuletich
Our thanks to Clara for a wonderful workshop and inspiring talk. Here are some of the examples that Clara brought along of her own work. Thanks Clara!